Code of Conduct

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the College premises.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • Any student found using drugs or other intoxicants will be summarily dismissed from the College.
  • Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed
  • Use of mobile phone inside classroom /lab/library/along the corridors is strictly forbidden.
  • Student should keep decorum in their behavior in College premises and maintain the identity of Loyolties even outside.
  • Students should use the library for reference as well as for reading and use Computer Lab for academic purpose only.
  • Students must cultivate the habit of reading the information exhibited on notice boards that are fixed in different places in the main block.
  • Students should keep the campus neat and clean.
  • Waste materials should be thrown into the litter boxes.


Attendance is obligatory in the College. Keeping with the Jesuit tradition in higher education, Loyola College emphasizes a minimum of 85% attendance from every student to become eligible to appear for University semester examinations. Students, if they are sick, should produce valid medical certificates immediately after their sick leave when they resume attending classes.

In the calculation of attendance, the following method is adopted for marking absence. The absence of a student from the the class in the college is marked thus:

  • If a student is absent either in the first Session (before break) or in the second

Session (after break), he/she will he marked absent for a half day.

  • If he/she is absent for two hours on the same day in two different session (before & after the break), he/she will be marked absent for the full day.

All public holidays are treated as holidays for the College, which are indicated in the

College calendar.

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