1. All the non-teaching staff of the college, should maintain punctuality as an important and integral part of their work culture.
  2. We have the bio-metric system. All the staff are expected to give their thumb impression and bio-metric machine. The management will take the reading of each staff as and when needed. Those who are frequently late will be given warning and proper action will be taken against such frequent late comers
  3. No staff should leave the campus during college hours without proper gate pass. They should obtain gate pass from the concerned authorities and for valid reasons.
  4. All staff are expected to relate with one another in a very dignified manner. They must keep very cordial and decent relations with one another especially with students. Indecent and inappropriate behaviors, unparliamentary languages and unapproved mannerisms are strictly prohibited within the campus. Those who violate these behaviors and hurt others either by their language, or behavior and other ways will be referred to the grievance committee for further action.
  5. Unless there is a real emergency, all staff are expected to take leave with prior permission only. The management should know the proper reason before someone takes leave. The management reserves the right to grant or deny permission to take leave depending upon the need of the person in the college. They have to apply for leave only in the proper leave form for short leaves. For medical and other leave, it should be discussed with the Secretary.
  6. Each staff should work for the development and growth of the college other than taking up the works assigned to them. Their additional service will be duly considered for their promotion, increment and weightage and other such recognitions.

The list of responsibilities of different kinds of Non-teaching staff with some specific code of conduct is given below.

1. Senior Assistant

  • Sale of Applications
  • Documenting all the details of the students admitted
  • Scholarships: all the government scholarships (SC/ST/Differently abled welfare scholarships, etc.)
  • General
    • Report for various offices such as University, RJD Office, etc.Cash collection for various purpose (TC & Certificates, Alumni Graduation, ID, University Exam condonation)
    • Prepares bonafide certificate, Fees Structure to the students
    • Report for various offices such as University, RJD Office, etc.
  • Passed out student & Drop outs
    • Getting ready with TC, Attendance, Conduct, Course completion certificates, etc.

2. Junior Assistant

  • Tution fee collection – UG & PG
    • Maintenance of fee Collection in MS Excel
    • Hostel Fee, Bus fee, Certification fee, University Fee (cash deposit in Bank)
    • Bank Transaction for all accounts – NEFT, RTGS, DD, Fund Transfer.
    • Students Certificates (+2 TC, 10th Mark Sheet verification)
    • Maintenance of Land related documents, documents of all the college vehicles (buses, two-wheelers & four-wheelers)
    • Maintenance of documents related to  AHAL Jesuit Society originals documents ( Registration of certificates, 12 A, TDS, TAN, PAN, Memorandum)

3. Accountant

  • Writing, posting and filling of voucher and invoice in tally
  • Maintenance of cheque books
  • Maintenance of bank reconciliation – pass book with ledger
  • Maintenance of cash inflow and out flow statement
  • Reconciliation of trail balance, income & expenditure statement, balance sheet
  • Budget – quarterly
  • Supporting audit enquiry and providing explanation
  • Employee Provident Fund and Gratuity
  • Staff salary payment
  • TDS
  • Fixed Deposits, Endowment FD’s
  • Online payment to Bus Road Tax, Fitness certificate

4. Assistant Librarian

  • Lends and collects books at circulation desks.
  • Processes new materials including books, audiovisual materials, and computer software.
  • Sorts books, publications, and other items according to established procedure and return them to shelves, files, or other designated storage areas.
  • Locates library materials for students, including books, periodicals and pictures.
  • Instructs students on how to use reference sources, card catalogs, and automated information systems.
  • Inspects returned books for condition and due-date status, and computes any applicable fines.
  • Maintains records of items received, stored, issued, and returned, and file catalog cards according to system used.
  • Performs clerical activities such as filing, typing, photocopying and mailing out material, and mail sorting.
  • Provides assistance to Librarian in the maintenance of collection of books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, and audiovisual and other materials.
  • Classifies and catalog items according to content and purpose.
  • Schedules and supervises student volunteers.
  • Reviews records, such as issue cards, in order to identify titles of overdue materials and delinquent borrowers.
  • Repair books, using mending tape, paste, and brushes.
  • Delivers and retrieves items to and from departments by hand.
  • Facilitates the acquisition of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and audiovisual materials by checking prices, figuring costs, and preparing appropriate order forms.
  • Assists in the preparation of book displays
  • Rings the bell for the college as per time table

5. PA to Principal

  • To help students in admission works
  • Prepares letters and notices for the Principal
  • Maintains staff attendance register with leave form
  • Maintains Students attendance with leave form
  • Attends to parents, Officers of different kinds and visitors
  • Attends phone calls
  • Receives letters and parcels and distributes to the concerned persons
  • Prepares University Communications for the Principal
  • Receives mails and distributes to concerned persons
  • Maintains Bio-metric attendance
  • Maintains notice boards

6. PA to Secretary

  • Maintains college official communications like E-mail,
  • Drafts letters for Secretary and mails
  • Plans and prepares the rooms for meetings of various types
  • Managing and reviewing filing and office systems,
  • Supervises the works of all non-teaching staff
  • Prepares documents for new courses, inspections and minority right
  • Collects the mails and courier.
  • Maintains Staff documents and certificates
  • Maintains all University related documents and mails
  • Helps the students and parents during admission time
  • Store-in-charge (Stationery items)
  • Helps the Coordinator of Jesuit Higher Education Commission during staff recruitment

7. Maintenance Staff

  • Cleaning office and the campus
  • Supplying refreshments when asked
  • Cleaning playgrounds
  • Cleaning Class rooms and cob webbing periodically
  • Arranging conference hall and Auditorium for meeting and keeping them clean and tidy
  • Arranging benches and desks for CIA and University Exams
  • Helping during exams in loading and unloading answer books and by undertaking cleaning works
  • Collect Attendance sheets of the students during CIA Exams
  • To supply water during exam time
  • To punch and seal exam sheets
  • To clean toilets

8. Electricians

  • To maintain Power Generator work
  • To maintain RO system
  • AC maintenance
  • To do welding work
  • To do carpenter work
  • To repair and service water motors
  • To maintain and operate Audio system
  • Read blueprints or technical diagrams
  • Install and maintain wiring, control, and lighting systems
  • Inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers
  • Identify electrical problems with a variety of testing devices
  • Repair or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures using hand tools and power tools
  • Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment
  • To pay electricity bill
  • To do painting work for bench desk

9. Asst. in the office of Coordinator of Examinations

  • To assist COE for CIA Exam & University Exam.
  • Prints question papers for CIA Exam
  • Distributes Mark sheets to students
  • Follows up University mails and answers them
  • Maintains all COEE-mail and other correspendence,
  • Enter the mark sheet details of the students
  • Sends letters for graduation
  • Collect Attendance sheets of the students during Semester Exams and enter in the portal
  • Collecting Examination Fees and depositing in the Bank

10. System Admin

  • Server room UPS 10 KV Switching ON Process
  • Monitor the server room systems & intercom, landline server
  • Monitor the Computer Lab (Both BCA & Digital Library)
  • Notify the Complaints in Various Departments and etc.
  • To Solve & Repair the Hardware & Software Complaints
  • Monitor Loyola Printing Press Systems
  • Monitor Smart class rooms and Arranging
  • Server room Ups 10 KV Switch OFF Process
  • Installing, Configuring and Maintaining of Windows Servers (2003, 2008 & 2012)
  • Installing, Configuring and Maintaining of ADS, DNS, and DHCP.
  • Managing Local Users, Domain Users For Students
  • Taking Backup and Restoring backup of data
  • Installing, Configuring and Maintaining of Linux Desktop & Server
  • Designed and Configuring the LAN infrastructure
  • LAN design and implementation using hubs and switches
  • Terminate and configuring the patch panel with switches
  • Troubleshooting, Configuring & supporting TCP/IP Networks
  • Configuring all kind of wireless Routers & Gateway switches
  • Installation and Maintaining Firewall Security
  • Supporting and Repair Maintaining all Computer Peripherals in Loyola Campus and Residency
  • Support to System Administrator to Arrange Projector, Screen and System For All Common Function and Department
  • Maintaining all Printer, Intercom and Photocopying machines in Loyola Campus

11. Gardener

  • Maintain Lawns and monitor the watering needs of the grounds under their care
  • Monitor Plant Health Problems
  • Maintain Gardening Equipment and Tools.
  • Clean Playground and garden work
  • Help to arrange Conference hall and Auditorium when necessary
  • Help prepare exam halls for CIA tests and University Exams
  • Help to bundle, load and unload the answer sheets 

12. Driver

  • To clean Playground and garden
  • To arrange the Conference hall and Auditorium when necessary  
  • To help CIA and University Exam with bench desk arrangement
  • To help in loading and unloading answer sheet bundle
  • To supply water during the exam time for students
  • Transport students to and from college in the mornings and afternoons
  • Maintaining a clean and mechanically-sound bus at all times
  • Obey all traffic rules
  • Perform inspection of the bus before and after each trip
  • Ensure safety of all students
  • Discipline children when required to maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • Assist students with getting on and off the bus when required
  • To punch and seal answer sheets

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