General Information

Admission to Loyola is no guarantee for a degree. The college expects the students to do serious and sustained work and to make maximum use of the facilities offered for their all-round development. No student is allowed to take tuitions privately from the teachers of this college. Exams will be conducted at the end of every semester. Attendance is compulsory and their promotion will depend on their regularity. .

Students are asked to take special note of the following:

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the College & Hostel premises.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Any student found using or having used drinks, drugs or any other intoxicants will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  • Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed.
  • Possession of Camera Cell-Phone is strictly prohibited in the Campus. Use of cellular phones inside class room / corridors is strictly Forbidden.

Note to Parents

Parents and Guardians are reminded that they should follow the students’ progress in studies and his / her general conduct in and outside the college. The College expects parents or guardians to co-operate with the College authorities in the education of their Children/wards. Their co-operation is solicited especially to ensure a regular attendance. They are asked to take special note of the warning issued to students in the previous paragraph.

Note to the Public

The Public is informed that the COLLEGE DOES NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS IN ANY FORM, FOR ADMISSIONS. Beware of any one who promises you to get an admission on payment of money. Kindly bring such malpractices to the knowledge of the Principal immediately. They are also informed that it is our policy to accommodate a larger number of poor students in the College and to restrict admissions in U.G. Courses to the students from Tiruvannamalai,Viliuppuram and the Western districts of Tamil Nadu.

Dr. T. Pathinathan
Loyola College,
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Rev.Fr.Dr.A.Ignacy Arockiasamy, S.J. Secretary & Correspondent, Loyola College, Vettavalam.E-Mail: secretary@lcv.edu.in

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