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Internal Quality Assurance Cell
IQAC in Loyola College, Vettavalam,

IQAC was established in the academic year 2012.
The focus is on overall development of students through skill development.

To impart quality consciousness in our stakeholders through quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

To evolve mechanisms to promote quality culture in the campus.
To focus on quality enhancement activities and quality sustenance efforts.
To suggest methods for improving academic and administrative transactional systems.
To maximize our resources, opportunities and capabilities.
To fix benchmarks as part of the ongoing process towards excellence in education.

Institutionalizing quality measures.
Organizing orientation programme for newly recruited faculty.
Fixing benchmarks /parameters for teaching learning and research activities of the institution.
Organizing national/ international seminars/workshops/conference on quality enhancement.
Initiation and implementation of planning by the departments and student support units.
Facilitating learner-centric environment to meet global competency.
Conducting Academic Administrative Audit.
Ensuring the functioning, adequacy and maintenance of support services and infrastructure.
Documentation of various programmes /activities.
Adopting modern pedagogical systems and ICT in the teaching learning process.
Preparation of AQAR and SSR.
Ensuring the quality assurance and implementing strategies and processes through periodic meetings.
Ensuring its commitment towards continual improvement of teaching-learning process