Jesuits in Vettavalam Loyola

The members of the Society of Jesus are popularly known as Jesuits. The Society of Jesus is a world-wide organization of religious men, numbering about 19,216 spread all over the world, of whom nearly 4,000 are working in the 18 provinces in India. In Tamil Nadu there are around 480 Jesuits working in schools and colleges, youth and social work centres, in parishes and in mission outreach programmes and in almost every form of service and ministry of the Church.


Jesuit Community (2019-2020)

Registered Society (Regd. no. /2012)

Rev.Fr.Gerlin, S.J. Head of Phy.Edu
Rev.Dr.Albert William, S.J. Campus Treasurer
Rev.Fr.Antony Markus, S.J. Staff
Rev.Dr.Maria Joseph Mahalingam, S.J. Vice Principal & Director of Men's Hostel
Rev.Dr.Albert William, S.J. Campus Treasurer
Rev.Dr.V.Britto, S.J.  Principal
Rev.Dr.Selvaraj Arulnathan, S.J Superior
Rev.Dr.Rajarathinam, S.J.  Secretary

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Loyola College,
Vettavalam- 606 754,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone Numbers
College Office
04175-244 744 / 244 944
04175-244 288
04175 - 244 844
Jesuit Residence
04175-244 433
04175-244 288 / 04175-244 744


Rev. Dr.Rajarathinam SJ,
Secretary & Correspondent,
Loyola College, Vettavalam.

Loyola College , Vettavalam
Tiruvannamalai District| 606 754,Tamil Nadu,India.