Aim of the Course

BBA is to get basic idea on the business principles and strategies. The course helps an individual to gain essential knowledge about the corporate world and also the fundamentals of administration.

Future working field

BBA graduates can get jobs as executive trainee or management trainee in any of the sectors mentioned below
- Accounting
- Entrepreneurship
- Finance
- Legal Management
- Marketing
- Operation Management
- Real Estate
- Tourism Management
- Advertising Agencies
- Banking
- Consultancy
- Consumer Durable Companies
- IT companies


(i) Understand the role of economics in the world market place and possess an awareness of global business issue.
(ii)Skills necessary to conduct business activities using contemporary social media applications
(iii) Ability to analyze quantitative and qualitative information using contemporary web tools to facilitate informed marketing decision making strategies.
(iv) Understanding the entire organization and the important role of corporate citizenship.
(v) Skills necessary to work effectively in team , assuming roles of leader and follower as appropriate
(vi) Understanding business ethics and social responsibility.

Eligibility for UG Admissions
Pass in + 2 Exam (academic or vocational)
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