Admissions, Withdrawals

Eligibility for Admission

Students from the following districts will be given preference in admission:Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Erode, Villupuram,Cuddalore and Puducherry.

Any student who has successfully completed the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Courses or any other courses recognized by the University of Madras or equivalent to it, is eligible for admission to the bachelor's degree course.

Girl students may apply for admission to all Under-Graduate courses in which Catholics are given preference.

Eligibility Certificate

Eligibility Certificate from the Thiruvalluvar University, should be produced by candidates who have passed the following examinations:

a. HSC Examination of Tamil Nadu Govt. (Private Study)

b. Private candidates from the CBSE under the open school system

c. Higher Secondary or equivalent examinations conducted by all other State Boards in India / abroad

Candidate is admitted to the courses mentioned above after due scrutiny of application and required documents.


A student once enrolled for a course is expected to complete the same. He / She may not withdraw from the college without informing the Principal in writing. Otherwise he / she will be liable to pay fees for the period and his / her name remains on the rolls.

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